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A pretty safe generalizations

Posted by: David ( USA ) on February 27, 19100 at 18:48:19:

In Reply to: Risking generalizations posted by Barry Stoller on February 27, 19100 at 00:41:28:

: : I do not think it is entirely having a capitalist father.

: No, there is the entire ideological apparatus that capital controls that 'assists' everyone's thinking.

What differentiates me though is that both my parents are nouveau riche; that is, they were both born into poor families. Consequently, they do not have the same arrogance associated with old money and the idea of keeping the family rich. They also have a very good sense of work ethics and not being wasteful.

: Let us test the socialist convictions of your friends, however: do they consider job rotation---i.e. the effacement of the distinction between skilled and unskilled labor---an essential socialist tenet? That issue tends to seperate the bourgeois-socialists from the proletarian socialists in a thrice...

I haven't posed the question to them (when I do, I will give y'all the answer) but I am pretty sure that they would not support it. Afterall, these guys are all heading off to Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Stanford, etc. etc. They wouldn't want their brilliance to "go to waste" sweeping gutters and what not. Of course, they probably believe that when there is universal education all of the shitwork of society will magically disapear.

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