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: [pro-cap stuff, snipped.

: : We have something in America known as the Rule of Law. Not the rule of men, or trend or wimsy. The rule of objectively defined law under which we are all equal. That's freedom. Communism/Socialism would force equality upon you at gun point if necessary. Surely you would be more equal than the men with guns. Force of this kind is illegal under our Capitalist system, the men with guns would go to jail.

: The Rule of Law. It's a fine thing, and I support it wholeheartedly. Now, how does it play out in a society of impoverished masses, struggling middle-classers, and a staggeringly wealthy minority? Two letters answer that question: O.J.

: The United States: the best Rule of Law money can buy.

I'm very pleased to know that you support the rule of law. I think it's the best way to safegauard our people from any number of loonies that accidentally get in to office,( I'm speaking specifically about Jesse Ventura.)

I'm not blind. The rule of law gets corrupted all the time but I still believe it's the standard we should hold ourselves to. And rather than reject it entirely, we should go after the kind of people that would pervert it to their benefit.

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