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And a note on the use of force.

Posted by: MDG on March 01, 19100 at 18:36:00:

In Reply to: Depends on how drunk you got me. posted by MDG on March 01, 19100 at 16:26:11:

I wonder, Barry, if you misunderstand my objection to violent revolutions. I am for revolutionary change, and I have no qualms about marching in the streets, en masse, and confronting power. I fully expect that change of the scope needed will require militant action: I am reminded of civil rights demonstrators marching right up to racist sheriffs brandishing shotguns and demanding equality, or animal rights activists marching right up to jeering, heavily-armed crowds and demanding an end to pigeon shoots. These are militant actions fraught with danger, but necessary for change. Should the sheriffs or shooters turn on the demonstrators, as happens, public sentiment often sides with the demonstrators and hastens change.

That is all a far cry, however, from taking up arms and engaging in a violent struggle with the enemy. What do you suppose would have happened had King led an amateur army against George Wallace's sheriffs, or city- and suburban-bred animal rights activists armed with Glocks descended upon the rural hunting communities? Aside from all the mayhem and loss of life, would the mainstream not have demanded law and order and the end of the demonstrations?

Maybe I've mischaracterized your idea of what revolution is. Maybe you don't picture a 21st century American version of Che & Fidel versus Batista. If not -- or even if -- feel free to explain your vision in this regard.

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