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Public or Private Taxes, McD's etc. levie taxes now too.

Posted by: Lark on March 02, 19100 at 15:22:43:

In Reply to: Not taxes. Tax credits. posted by Garloo on March 02, 19100 at 10:34:12:

:Throwing more tax money at the problem won't fix it. Privatisation will.

No it will not, that's just a utopian dream, ultimately the people in these organisations are the same motivated by the same issues and desires etc. privatisation is just the same dog with a different collar.

You mentioned that the people where unwilling to reform their systems from within, their attitudes must change, that's ultimately what it's about internal empowerment, coupled with external pressure of relentless nature from below, the empowered citizenry, not above, the state that everyone ignores anyway.

: I am always surprised that the monopoly hating left openly embraces the stranglehold the US government has on the education of their children.

I dont differentiate between private or public monopolies, I've always thought that the choice between a public or private command economy, run by an oligarchy of privileged leecherous individuals, was not a choice at all.

I only advocate public ownership in as much as it furthers empowerment, reduced waste and costs to the environment, individual and consequently society and is no different from private monopoly.

:I don't suggest that all schools be private but with a tax credit for tuition, parents who wish to send their kids to private schools won't have to pay twice. With the $9,000 per year the state spends on redundant, pseudo programs and employees they could afford the very best private schools of their choice. That is the kind of reform needed to make the public schools in America sit up and take notice.

No I think your still caught in the old public-private false dilemma, does it matter if the tax is levied by the state or some private organisation? I doesnt to me, either way I'm going to have to tolerate a lot of nasty work that I dont believe I've done anything to deserve.

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