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Not taxes. Tax credits.

Posted by: Garloo on March 02, 19100 at 10:34:12:

In Reply to: That is damn right, the logic of demand and supply has created an education system that bares absolutely no resemblance to the real world. posted by Lark on March 01, 19100 at 13:30:10:

: Now this I hate, there has never been, in any country let alone America, a no nonsense government that was prepared to tackle socially constructed problems, prepared to say this needs fixing now you can mess around and have governments taxing you by stealth for years and years and years, money pissed away on bureacracy etc. and half assed measures or you can accept a period of 'take no prisoners' tax and reform to solve the problems once and for all.

Garloo: There are, in fact, historic amounts of tax money being dumped into education in America these days. About $9,000 per student in MN. Yet there has never been a link between high spending and high test scores presumably because the money never makes it to the classroom. There are scores of assistant principles, associate principles, assistants to the associate principles, councelors, grief councelors, child-welfare-hug-developement-workers, peer group specialist, child developement workers, child psycologists, motivational mentors, trans-gendered-health-and-wellness commitees and the rest of that hooey, all making as much as three times the salary of the average teacher.

As one of the largest supporters of the DFL, the tenured teachers will do little to reform the problem from within. The DFL fights to keep their hapless dupe programs in place and throw a little more of my money at the problem so they can look good and stay in office. They promise the teachers union that they will vote down tuition tax credits and school vouchers, anything that would benefit the private schools and the children that might potentially better themselves there. It stinks. Throwing more tax money at the problem won't fix it. Privatisation will.

I am always surprised that the monopoly hating left openly embraces the stranglehold the US government has on the education of their children. I don't suggest that all schools be private but with a tax credit for tuition, parents who wish to send their kids to private schools won't have to pay twice. With the $9,000 per year the state spends on redundant, pseudo programs and employees they could afford the very best private schools of their choice. That is the kind of reform needed to make the public schools in America sit up and take notice.

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