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Joel alternates between corporatism and bad publicity stunts

Posted by: Quincunx on March 22, 1999 at 12:17:56:

In Reply to: No. It's called 'alternative viewpoints' posted by Joel Jacobson on March 19, 1999 at 18:07:37:

b: : Not a single one is devoted actually studying the environment.

JJ: Which was never the issue.

Qx: Good dodge!

JJ:My point was taht the whole enviro-scare industry is dead wrong and the "global warming" scare is a manufactured issue to drum up support for left wing ideologies.

Qx: Not bad for a conspiracy theory but how about some institutional analysis for once?

JJ: We don't need to 'save the environment' as it's in no real large-scale danger.

Qx: Oh....so we go on pretending it doesn't matter since you rely on right-wing (hint*- corporatist) sources that need to keep the status-quo on an even keel?

b: : Nearly all of them represent right wing opinions, with all supporting free-market, laissez-faire ideologies.

JJ: And your sources represent left wing opinions, with all supporting anti-choice, statist ideologies.

Qx: Actually, there is a better way than to se it as a left-right thing and since you claim to be loosely affiliated with the Libertarian Party you should brush up a bit. Now, how do you provide evidence that these "leftists" are all anti-choice? For myself, I don't like Public Choice Theory because it assumes that all people are "ratiuonal" and it's basically amoral. In other words, I feel that it's devoid of any true ethics that help people see each other as human beings.

b: : What is of interest is the lengths to which these groups go to pretend concern with the environment. It almost seems like panic and would be laughable if it weren't for the patented dishonesty.

JJ: No. You misread them. They're showing how collective action harms the environment and the human race.

Qx: Oh yes... the collective action of big business and other rich people who get together to claim the planet as their own but not with the rest of humanity. The results of their policies can be seen all over the face ofr the globe. That is if you open your eyes a bit.

JJ: I mean it's not they're putting out the Doomsday bullshit like Al Gore or Paul Ehrlich. They're not showing concern for the environment; they're showing why we don't need to be overly concerned about the environment.

Qx: Well, that's why these corporatists hire public relations firms to make over their real image and show a supposedly kinder, gentler side that doesn't really exist.

b: : A Magnificent example of "greenwashing" is presented by the site:
: : http://www.nhes.com/current_issue/feature.html
: : This is called The World Climate Report.
: : A click on the "Sponsors" icon leads to: "Funding for World Climate Report is provided by Greening Earth Society"
: : A click to Greening Earth Society (another 'green' site) provides a single link on the home page. That link is Fossillfuels.org.
: : At Fossilfuels.org there are no more illusions. The site describes itself as: "...a website devoted to describing the importance of coal, oil, and natural gas, and to address issues surrounding their use."
: : Now I wonder what the oil, gas, and coal industry's interest in global warming might be? Surely there's no conflict of interest here, (titter, titter) just objective (ha,ha) scientific (chortle) research (Har, Har)right? Hahhah sorry just can't help myself hahaha...

JJ: No. YOu're completely right. They do have an interest in all of this.

Qx: Now you'll attain enlightenment. Hare Krsna.

JJ: Just like Doomsday politicians, like Al gore, have political gain in prophesying the world's destruction regardless of the truth of it. My whole post was that "global warming" is not a 'set' issue, which was what Gideon was claiming. I fully admit I have no concern for the environment. What I'm concerned about is how the environment affects human beings.

Qx: Actually, aren't you just concerned about how much profit (i.e., theft) can be taken from workers who work the earth and to make sure more keeps on coming?

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