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Trading of life for commodities.

Posted by: Lark on March 24, 1999 at 11:43:57:

In Reply to: collusion ahead posted by Gee on March 23, 1999 at 14:18:21:

: Who are these amazing people who need only sit around while magically evrything organises itself around them? The few inheritors?

Yes the few and this class reproduces itself, only in a new move successful mode, until there are the victorious capitalists who rule, the best we can hope for being a servile post in their private bureacracies. Trading of life for commodities.

: : Who needs collusion, they are powerful enough individualy

: Not when they compete for the same resource - people

Dont unserstand...

: : the CBI (confederation of British Industry) and other pressure groups openly tell the government do it this way or we wont be responsible for the results, an implied threat that if they dont make their accelerated profits they'll fuck the economy

: They would be the govt just told - if they make it impossible to employ people.

Dont understand....

: : I never thought democracy was terrible to the individual, just hopelessly inefficient for the purposes of the collective.

: The collective is just the indivuals, all with their own agendas

The best way to get your individual agenda fixed is collectively that's what Capitalism seems to suggest with all it's centralisation and mergures in industry.

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