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There isn't a completely free and capitalist nation

Posted by: R. Jenkins ( USA ) on March 25, 1999 at 11:12:13:

In Reply to: This isnt what your CAPITALIST friend seems to think. posted by Lark on March 24, 1999 at 11:42:02:

: Some Capitalist: An aristocracy is a class of society that is automatically entitled to unlimited wealth without having to lift a finger. A billionaire has obviously had to work, and he doesn't have control over everyone or everything in a certain domain.

: The Lark: This isnt what your CAPITALIST friend seems to think. I'd add that definitions for me dont stay frozen in history, Capitalism never superseded Fuedalism and every criticism that has been made of fuedalism, particulary those in Smiths Wealth of Nations are very apt to Capitalist society.

There has never been a capitalist society, no many people want responsibility for themselves.

: A Billionare has had to work? Most Billionares inherit their wealth and leave it in inheritance to their young so fuedal families continue as a wealth aristocracy without ever having to work.

SOME billionaires inherit SOME of their wealth, but with the stuff that they get with their money(Like Bill Gates' house) inheritance would only last for a couple of generations.

: As for the control of land you are obviously ignorant to the battle in England being fought for the Right to Roam, yeah that's the liberty TO WALK where you choose, the rich have bought up vast tracks of land and now use them for drilling private armies and the "commoners" are just forced back into the stinking cities and forced to pay them subs through taxation.

If they bought the land, it's theirs, and they can keep people from
walking on it.

: :A worker under capitalism has the opportunity to become rich, he/she does not have that option under feudalism.

: That is the only argument that keeps capitalism alive, I could be that millionare, the American Dream. Well it's becoming increasingly obvious that that aint the case, rich oligarchies dominate wealth now and they arent keen on tolerating opposition and competition. Just look at Capitalism in Russia, it's so great it's got the people support the tyrants who just left the stage of history?!

Capitalism in Russia is non-existant. They aren't socialist, but they aren't any where near even state-capitalism. The rich in a capitalist society can not keep people from becoming wealthy whtiout doing something illegal.

: :Capitalism to me connotes freedom, everyone can do what they want, make their own decisions and go to prosperity or poverty based on those decisions.

: Now that is in TRULY ABSTRACT terms, that's the ideology of Capitalism not the reality. I also would not confuse Liberty with the control of the rich either.

There isn't a completely free and capitalist nation, so we don't really know how it would turn out.

: :Under feudalism, it is impossible to leave your position, unlike capitalism.

: Fuedalism gives people a role to play and secuirty, Capitalism cuts you completely adrift however both are equally terrible, lets get rid of both.

I don't think that being under control of a lord is security, I would be in constant fear. What does capitalism cut you from?

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