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Your either completely free or Capitalist but not simultaneously!

Posted by: Lark on March 30, 1999 at 13:59:38:

In Reply to: There isn't a completely free and capitalist nation posted by R. Jenkins on March 25, 1999 at 11:12:13:

: SOME billionaires inherit SOME of their wealth, but with the stuff that they get with their money(Like Bill Gates' house) inheritance would only last for a couple of generations.

This is the Money doing the work business isnt it? Balls is all I can say, even JS Mill was annoyed by the way in which people who had never laboured, never worked lectured the labouring classes about slothe.

: If they bought the land, it's theirs, and they can keep people from
: walking on it.

Sorry this disgusts me. Who decided the land was theirs to begin with? you cant own land that's fucking stupid. Ownership in land was betgotten through violence and swindling and your as much a party to it now by insisting that it just fine.

: Capitalism in Russia is non-existant. They aren't socialist, but they aren't any where near even state-capitalism. The rich in a capitalist society can not keep people from becoming wealthy whtiout doing something illegal.

Really? Misinformed little sod arent thou?

: There isn't a completely free and capitalist nation, so we don't really know how it would turn out.

OK if your going to say that then from this point on NEVER EVER insist that the Soviets or the Chinese are socialist/communist/left-wing.

: I don't think that being under control of a lord is security, I would be in constant fear. What does capitalism cut you from?

Well I have to work it's not voluntary. Infact it's just as involuntary as it was in fuedalism.

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