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Yeah, I've listened to these folks, too - although I never went "Red" (actually, I went hard-core Republican ... but I digress). Commented on their "enlightened proposals", when prompted (heh heh heh). Had little "impromptu" meetings with the newbies afterwards. Been booted from their "open meetings" for my trouble. Angela Davis called me insane, and I was threatened with physical violence by a "Sandanista comrade". As for the rank and file, it's mostly about picking up chicks, and smoking pot, and breaking the law without guilt 'cause it's "all in the name of the revolution, y'know." And getting drunk. Drinking heavily seems to be the big socialist pastime, from way back.

But you remember that you once were a socialist yourself, yes? You picked up the ideology for a reason ... Do you remember why? There are some real problems in the modern capitalist society. Now - how do we separate the left-wing powermongering from the Real Thing? How do you leaven the free market with socialist ideas, without letting any socialists in to muck up the place?

That's the trick.

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