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Comrades in each others pockets

Posted by: Crimson Tide on March 26, 1999 at 10:21:18:

In Reply to: Comrades. posted by Red Deathy on March 24, 1999 at 15:52:08:

: Hmmmm... but brains usually is waged labour, most capitalists sole contribution to production is to have money.

And how did the first generation millionaires get that way? brains. Sod the kids unles they have brains too, but the first man had the choice to leave em the money.

: : So you never have to worry about its implementation - jeez I used to argue with my red buddies - dont use force i said, bullshit pipe dreams they said - and they were right, thats when I started turned ex-red,

: teh Socialist Party of great britain, and teh World Socialist Movement is committed to Democratic, peaceful social revolution, and holds force to be counter-productive and authoritairan. We beleive a majority can be found who will want to implement socialism. Most leftists disagree,a nd thus run off to fantasies aboutvanguards and violent revolution- if we tried, we could uild a peaceful mass movement.

Just like old times, most reds arent interested when they realize it aint gonna happen - but i still hanker for it a bit!

: : Ever hang out in socialist clubs and groups? Listen to what theyre really saying - its power.

: Not at the Socialist party, we utterly repudiate leadership, or power for ourselves of any kind. I ahve turned up to leftist meetings, and had to kep my peace while thay prattle on about power, but thats not our plan....

Nice that your keeping your head, as long as you dont demand other peoples heads youll stay clean, but the dream will stay a dream.

: Because they have the military might (hence the only reason for the party, to disable, politically, the military machines). they could not crush a majority of the worlds population. but one or two countries are easilly crushed.

true, difficult to disarm unilaterraly - requires more trust than goes around.

: : Sorry Red, the poeple have decided you have to go salt mining with abunch of strangers -what will you do?

: Tell 'em to fuck off.

Well i like it, but then they might stop you from getting communal food.

: make machines, or do a rota to minimise it, if I feel it needs doing i'll do it, but no fucker would force me.

And the machine designers village had better be like you, or he may get pissed off when they say "ooh look a machine, its ours"

: : So those who decide to do nothing, or as near as damn it - do they get to raid the village stockpile just the same?

: They'll be very bored. And unliked. But even washing the pots is something.

Sure about that? im not

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