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Posted by: Crimon Tide on March 26, 1999 at 10:22:38:

In Reply to: You think free choice exists now? posted by lark on March 24, 1999 at 15:07:16:

: : The nice thing about capitalist machiavelans is that they have to 'get in' on the back of wealth, not on a pseudo majority. And we can kick em, they dont have political prisoners.

: No you cant kick them they'll Jail you either as at present in their state prisons or in your vision their private prisons.

what vision of mine?

: You see this is you the eternal victim. You find yourself shovelling shit and instead of organising you think I'll serve "the dream" and have someone else doing this work in no time, someone who's gonna hate it just as much but not be as cunning and wimp out to a softer option employment.

Softer option? Victims require victimizers.

: : Whose going to keep em on their toes? Work shy 'social enforcers' or whatever euphamism for the SS they want. Free choice?

: You think free choice exists now? Or would under the dictatorship of industry and finance? Facts are if you've got a loaf of bread and someone you knows not pulling their weight baking that loaf are you going to give it to them?

Hey thats like money, the not pulling their weight is seen, fairly or not (coz fair mean nothing) by whether they can afford it.

: : Sure thing, i'll set the stopwatch Lark - count em out.

: How do I know your not being sincer here? Listen if the guy who shits on the floor in the public toilet was the same guy who had to clean it up would he do it? I dont think so.

So its not socialised, its all personal.

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