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Worker's Collective Member #86: Good thing we rid ourselves of that useless capitalist exploiter. Now we can shear in peace.

Worker's Collective Member #99: Shear shmear. I haven't been paid in four months. I'm going to follow that capitalist, and see if he'll exploit me a fiver. I need beer money.

Worker's Collective Member #86: But you can have all the beer you want! It's free, in collective HappyLand ...

Worker's Collective Member #99: Yeah? Well the brewer got drunk again, and the machinist who keeps the distillery up hasn't come to work in weeks. All we got left to drink is potato vodka, and I don't feel up to being blind right now, thank you very much ...

(Still Later)

Worker's Collective Member #86: Gee. No one seems to want our wool anymore. That evil Capitalist makes wool cheaper, and it's of a better quality. No doubt, he exploits his workers to do it.

Worker's Collective Member #69: Hey, '86'. What animal does 'polyester' come from? The capitalist meanie is pushing the stuff, and it's selling like cheap smokes.

Worker's Collective Member #86: Beats me. I'm too much the intellectual to bother studying the mundane peasant arts. My Marxist training puts me above such borgeouis concerns as 'profit' or 'expertise' or 'competance'.

(Still Even More Later)

Worker's Collective Member #666: Quick! Run! The 'surplus labor' is rioting again! They've run amok!

Worker's Collective Member #86: Ungrateful masses! Well, it's off to find some jobs ... Wonder where they come from? Mines? Perhaps they fall from the sky?

Wait a minute! When that capitalist left, all the jobs went away! I bet he stole them!

(And bloody well so on ...)

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