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Screenwriter's guild revision

Posted by: bill on March 25, 1999 at 11:13:36:

In Reply to: Snafu. And a play, besides. posted by DrCruel on March 24, 1999 at 18:28:17:

(Apparantly McSpotlight 'snafued' my first responce as well...)

Now the oportunity arises for a Second Re-write.

Capitalist: Gimme the wool.

Workers Collective: Who the hell are you? We fed the sheep, we sheared them, we get to decide on the disposition. You may join us if you wish - what are your skills?

Capitalist: That's My shearing equipment. This is My building we're standing in!

Workers Collective: We built the equipment. We built the building we're standing in.

Capitalist: (growing agitated) Look around you idiots! I designed all this..."

Worker's Collective: For that our profound thanks, but we'd like to point out that that money came from our surplus-labor* about which we had nothing to say at the time. By the way, did You do the designing, or did you hire somebody to do the designing?

Capitalist: (looking over his shoulder for a supporting army that seemed to have disappeared...) I provided All the money!

Worker's collective: Where did it come from?

Capitalist: (in full bluster) Never mind where it came from, That's Not The Point!!

Workers Collective: Sorry. We think it is.

Capitalist: (becoming plaintive) Look here, see this silver belt-buckle? I made this myself from the first ingots out of my mine in Bolivia!

Workers Collective: It's very pretty. I hope you thanked the silver miners.

Capitalist: (helplessly confused) Wha!

Workers Collective: Look, we'd like to stay an chat, but we've got some work to do before the festival.

*surplus labor: an advanced term requiring a degree of reading comprehension. Probably best to delete it from the play's text

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