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a Propertarian who doesnt know the kind of tyranny he'll unleash on the world.

Posted by: Lark ( Anti-propertarians, Ireland ) on April 12, 1999 at 19:15:32:

In Reply to: Perhaps this will help posted by borg on April 11, 1999 at 17:53:51:

: : I'm researching on greed and I need more information about what greed is. In my opinion, greed is something the world needs to know and control. Though competition is based on greed in economy and most of society, competition is an old thing. We must live to share and provide. Untill hunger and suffering of mality ends, everyone should control thier greed to help our world become better. Ultimately, greed is bad and sometimes I wish I never had this emotion. People should learn more about greed to control the tempation of greed, especially Bill Gates. :)

: Perhaps this will help:

: The monstrous evils of the twentieth century have shown us that the greediest money grubbers are gentle doves
: compared with money-hating wolves like Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler, who in less than three decades killed or maimed
: nearly a hundred million men, women, and children and brought untold suffering to a large portion of mankind.
: - Eric Hoffer

Ah yes and Eric Hoffer would happen to be what? Ah yes a Propertarian who doesnt know the kind of tyranny he'll unleash on the world. The fire the last time was caused by the state tyrannies and it took a huge amount of blood to put it out, the fire the next time, unleashed by the propertiarians who wont accept the terrible conclusions of their twisted logic, will probubly burn for a long time, that is if it's not unqenchable.

By the way Lenin, Stalin and Hitler where never anti-money, there's been one marxist so far that was anti-money Che Guevara and everyone knows he got kind off unpopular with the powers that be and had to leave for Bolivia where the powers that be set him up for an execution.

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