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Posted by: borg ( Anarchy, Inc., Cyberspace ) on April 16, 1999 at 17:48:30:

In Reply to: a Propertarian who doesnt know the kind of tyranny he'll unleash on the world. posted by Lark on April 12, 1999 at 19:15:32:


: : Perhaps this will help:

: : The monstrous evils of the twentieth century have shown us that the greediest money grubbers are gentle doves
: : compared with money-hating wolves like Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler, who in less than three decades killed or maimed
: : nearly a hundred million men, women, and children and brought untold suffering to a large portion of mankind.
: : - Eric Hoffer

: Ah yes and Eric Hoffer would happen to be what?

Eric Hoffer was a self-educated itinerant
worker and later longshoreman. Whenever he
had some time he was in the local library
ready. Definitely not your run of the mill
proprietarian. He had quite a bit to say
about The True Believer in his book of
the same name.

:Ah yes a Propertarian who doesnt know the kind of tyranny he'll unleash on the world. The fire the last time was caused by the state tyrannies and it took a huge amount of blood to put it out, the fire the next time, unleashed by the propertiarians who wont accept the terrible conclusions of their twisted logic, will probubly burn for a long time, that is if it's not unqenchable.

Yes. The war that will go on for some time will be widespread
between the props and anti-props. Props are much less likely
to give up their guns tho, aren't they, and since the anti-props
don't generally support defence of property, who do you think
will come out on top?

How many folks do you know who are opposed to self-defence?

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