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It's pretty good isnt it?

Posted by: Lark ( LS, Ireland ) on April 14, 1999 at 11:03:32:

In Reply to: learned a new word? posted by Crimson Tide on April 13, 1999 at 11:14:50:

: Is propertarianism the new word youve been learning all about this weekend? Its certainly getting an airing in all your posts.

It's pretty good isnt it? Bet you wish you'd invented it, I'll tell you what I'll let you use it free of commission charge just cause I'm such a nice SOCIALIST bloke.

: : As any decent Socialist will tell you.

: The it appears Ive met too many of the other sort. The 'realistic' socialists.

Oh yeah, anti-political socialists exist, I dont mean that in the sense of anarchists or libertarian ones, I've got as much a problem with their vulgar irrational statism as you. Guess who cheered at the collapse of Sovietism and wishes Castro would adopt democratic methods? Bernard Crick however in his fab "Defence of Politics" gives a good definition of the inheritance socialism has from dead liberalism.

: Really, I can find socialism in hundreds of books, movies and classrooms. Much less libertarianism, we used to think red was the winning color because of its influence.

I'd love it if your every fear was correct, it'd really, really make my day. Socialism must be really catching a fire in America, would you mind if I moved over? Tell us about some of those good of socialist films, books and classrooms because I dont think there's as many and you, in all generalism, like to think.

: Ive gone back ont he idea that socialism represents a grand future, the trend has been away from the tribe for centuries.

Dont quite catch your drift friend, I understand you are a former socialist, in some senses so am I, before I began debating here I had this totalitarian vision of my/our state and what it could do if we crushed all opposition and created a bureaucratic saviour but debating with anarchists like Gideon Hallet etc. who where not bomb chuckers, punks or hard men more than capable of surviving without any government convinced me that a libertarian dimension was very, very healthy.

I've visited anrcho-capitalist sites since then and they are inspirational, I like a lot of the propertarian books about the superiority of civil society over that state but I cant cut myself free of a conscionce, a hope and wish for social justice, eco-socialism or just the big red culture. Spencer at least says it's human nature that has fucked up capitalism because I do think it's a fine vision, I could live in either Smith or Marx land happily, but propertarianism and contemporary capitalism must adjust to accept reality.

: glad yo came back though

Yeah, I havent gone away you know. (I'm using a uni computer since I dont have the cash or knowledge to work a kick as surf ninja machine at home)

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