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Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( PCC, MA, USA ) on April 20, 1999 at 11:57:52:

In Reply to: would you take a serb bullet? posted by Gee on April 19, 1999 at 18:55:14:

: : As many people said, an airwar cannot win a war. This is true, and is not disputed. The U.S. is conducting an air war at the moment, and this is going to gain them no ground.

: True, the only way an air war wins is if the other side gives in, or if the air war destroys almost every facility, much more difficult than it may sound on CNN.

Actually, there are easier ways to win a war, mainly terrorism and intimidation, which the US pioneered in Nicaragua. It lal depends on how amoral you're willing to be.

: : Ground forces should, and will, I believe, be implamented. An air war cannot get these poor people home.

: Should they? Do the lives of US soldiers belong to you, to the 'poor people'.

A,merica has a responsibility to help out the Kosovan people, and if if people are unwilling to volunteer, that's unfortuante, but thsi cannot stop us from doing what's right

:If they volunteer to go then, taken only from the view of the soldier, yes. Incidently, would you risk being shot dead in a Serb battle? I do mean dead, as in not coming back.

To die in the service of a just cause is teh noblest thing going. yes, I would sacrifice my life in the service of humanity, wouldn't you?

: : if we go in with troops, we will crush the Serbs.

: More than likely, it would be more difficult than Iraq, but the results would be similar. Lets make lots of body bags, then show off how we needed 10 for them, to every one for us.

No, we'll need to do a better job than Iraq, we wiill need to let teh Kosovans choose their own government and national status.

: : To address the Russians, I believe they only want to get involved to feel important. Their society is going to hell (yes, it is our fault)

: Yes, they (the govt, not the russian people) do probably feel impotent. No it wasnt 'our' fault.

Yes, it was our fault, for ruining Russia's economy and subverting their social system. We are responsible for Russia's ills, as well as for Yugoslavia, because tehy are a direct result of the cold war.

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