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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on April 21, 1999 at 18:06:50:

In Reply to: I've never been an advocate of bomobing alone. posted by Lark on April 21, 1999 at 17:39:41:

: Yes I've never been an advocate of bomobing alone. Setting up an anti-milo 5th column to fight for free elections would have been a better starting point but we have to consider what can be done form the here and now.

No, its the game of scruples 'What would you do instead' they ask, neglecting to point out that they ahve allready backed you into a corner, like asking 'so, you've walked into the bank, and your mate has shot one of the tellers, the security guard draws his gun on you. What do you do?' . the Answer lies in the fact that you wouldn't be there in teh first place, likewise, i wouldn't have supported Western interference in the region for the past ten years, where they have suported milosovich (Serbia got to Keep the Army, The Dayton deal was good to Serbia, etc.), after having disgreed with all such policies for the past ten years, I'm not going to turn around now, and support the results of that policy, specifically when I know that their portestations of desire for peace are foney....

: Fuck off, it isnt the Polices fault, I dont appreciate the analogie or the implied support of Blairism, the facts are if you arent with NATO or the KLA you are by default supporting the Serbian actions.

The analogy is apt- aren;'t teh KJosovars de facto hostages, and wouldn't there be a public outcry if police ineptitude led to the death of hosages, including shooting them? And 'Its all Milosovichs fault' is the bankrupt cry of the Blairites. To try and pass of teh direct results of their actions is highly dubious. Innocent civilians die in war, fact. Can't deny it, you just have to accept if you support war you have to support several Omagh bombs worth of innocents dying at teh hands of your side.

: For Christ sake dont you give a shit? I cant understand this people that I'd regularly consider progressives are acting all mad, have you all spent to long in opposition? So long that when the powers that be do something ethical for a change that you cant realise it as such!

I do give a shit, but i note that NATO has not tried very hard to get peace, that its stratey seems utterly ill suited to helping the Kosovars, that the Killing has escalated because of the war, that it has been counter-productive and set democracy in Serbia back many years, and that basically its a hypocritical double standard that says the atrocity of my ally isn't an atrocity. I also note the flagrent attempt to side-line teh UN in all this. Of course I cannot support it.

look, either the genocide would have escallatedanyway (according to T. Blair), or it has escalated as a result of teh bombing, either way, the operations have not had an effect, and have only made things worse.

: Or maybe they're trying to creat an expanding war and blame it on the allies, it looks as though a lot of people would support that view. Milo wants to maintain power his tired politics of nationalist socialism have fallen from grace so the only way he can maintain power is by perpertuating states of war all about him to distract people.

Either way, yes...and this bombing is just keeping him in power even longer- why isn't a war aim to remove this fascist? Because NATO's war aim, as it is in Iraq, is to secure his compliance, to get a willing client state in the region.

: Cant anyone see this whole thing for what it is? There's no conspiracy this time, there's no value ridden defenders of truth and justice under western powers NATO attack.

Why haven't they sought UN backing? Reports suggest they could get it through if they tried...

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