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An Anarchist FAQ Update! Version 7.6

Posted by: Flint Jones ( WSA-IWA, AAC and more anarchist alphabet soup, U$A ) on April 26, 1999 at 11:12:06:

An Anarchist FAQ has been updated (Version 7.6). The FAQ is an in-depth
introduction to anarchism and anarchist theory, ideas,
ideals and history. It can be found at:


Find out why anarchism is anti-hierarchy, anti-state and
anti-capitalist. Discover the different types of anarchism,
from communist-anarchism and anarcho-syndicalism to
individualist-anarchism, from anarcha-feminism to religious
anarchism. Find out why "anarcho"-capitalism is not a
form of anarchism. Discover what anarchists do to make
the world a better place. And much, much more.

In addition, the site contains over 600 links to anarchist
and anarchist related webpages (including individual
pages, organisations, papers, books, mailing lists,
publishers, social centres and a host of other important

Best one stop place to find out about anarchism on the

So, whats new in the FAQ?

Section J.3 --

New section on What kinds of organisation do anarchists build?. This section discusses the different kinds of organisations anarchists create and what role they play in anarchist theory, as part of society and in the class struggle.

Anarcho-syndicalism is also discussed, as is why many anarchists are not anarcho-syndicalists.

Also covered is Bakunin's ideas on the role of revolutionary organisations.

Appendix - The Symbols of Anarchy

New appendix on the history of the common anarchist symbols: the black flag, the red-and-black flag and the circled-A.

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