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Disgusting Charlatan Drivel

Posted by: Quincunx on April 26, 1999 at 11:22:11:

In Reply to: Naughty Naughty! posted by Winslow Wacker on April 23, 1999 at 10:17:32:

: WW: Trouble breathing?

Qx: get some fresh air and find out for yourself.

: : WW: or fuck with your hero

: : Qx: Who could that be Winslow?

: WW: SDF - your theoretical darling, the reason for your crusade.

Qx: That's your imagination at work again. I knew you were just being phony with all this talk about "coagulation and lead-ry".
: :QX: Since you come from a heroic culture do you expect all people to live with that same mindset?

: WW: (barely holding back laughter) You've really gone out on a limb on this one. Please tell me which "heroic" culture I come from - do you have a crystal ball? You sound so sure of yourself.

Qx: Keep on holding back the laughter. You might even enjoy choking on it. The heroic culture of individualism is what you seem to come from. You're pretty phony and pretty American at the same time and anybody can be sure of that.It's really too bad because there are Americans out there who do give a damn about the planet.

: :QX:(*hint-I'm not an American)

: WW: (*hint - I don't care) You aren't from North or South America - so what?

Qx: More phoniness from Winslow.

: : WW:- but you really shouldn't be so thin-skinned.

: : Qx: That sure seems silly since all you have to judge me (or anybody else via the Internet) are these posings. The rest are hunches and that can hardly be called indicative of critical thinking. C'mon, you should have at least heard of that in a business management course if you've ever taken one.

: WW: Never took a business course, but I can't see what that has to do with critical thinking or your thin skin.

Qx: That's why you don't understand. You can't see the forest for all your straw men.

: : WW: - feel free to flog me again if I do.

: : Qx: Wow! A kinky one here. Does this belong at capitalism and alternatives? Perhaps if we debate about authoritarianism and sexual perversity as one of its cardinal features. Anyways, that sort of subject matter is a waste of time when one looks at the global financial crisis and the neo-liberal aganda manifesting itself in Kosovo. That's more important.

: WW: Yeah - thanks for sparing me the dimestore, psycho.-reductionist twaddle. However, it is rather interesting that you would interpret my flogging in a sexual way. Feeling authoritarian Quincunx?

Qx: Actually, you probably fall into that category and you've done a good job at showing what a pohony you are. Care to debate back where I posted. Especially at "What is to be Done?" That's a real masterpiece of phoniness. But than again you can flog yourself all you want.

: --
: McSpoltight: Look, is this serving any fundamentally useful purpose?

Qx: Actually, not. Winslow pretends to engage in intelligent conversation but never really makes a point without tripping himself up.

McSpotlight: If that is what you believe, does answering his posts serve any useful purpose either?

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