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Reply #2 - Mcspotlight permitting

Posted by: Winslow Wacker ( USA ) on April 28, 1999 at 15:05:23:

In Reply to: Disgusting Charlatan Drivel posted by Quincunx on April 26, 1999 at 11:22:11:

QX: The heroic culture of individualism is what you seem to come from. You're pretty phony and pretty American at the same time and anybody can be sure of that.

WW: This is exactly the kind of simplistic, p.c. logic I would expect from a "leftist" (read authoritarian) - attacking someone based on their culture or nationality. Who is your enemy Quincunx? "American" workers or international capitalists? Incidentally, a lot of racists here in "America" use the same "phoney" excuse: "It's not that we hate them, we just don't like their CULTURE." Sure, whatever you say.

Qx:It's really too bad because there are Americans out there who do give a damn about the planet.

WW: A rather weasely way of soft-pedaling! Sounds like the bigot's cliche: "Well, not all of them are bad people." Just most of them, right Quincunx?

McSpotlight: Winslow, isn't making generalizations like "the kind of simplistic, p.c. logic I would expect from a 'leftist' (read authoritarian)" a bit simplistic yourself. Would you say that Noam Chomsky used simplistic p.c. logic?
(On the converse side, the Right aren't brainless either.)

Damn it, I've asked both of you to quit the personal abuse; yet you persist in being obnoxious at each other at every turn. It really doesn't matter who started it; I would like to see an end to this bickering, please. Now...

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