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Thankyou very much, about my Orangeman friend...

Posted by: PinochetMustDie on April 29, 1999 at 11:11:34:

In Reply to: everyone wants peace on their terms and their terms are different. posted by lark on April 28, 1999 at 11:22:34:

: You know it's just the way the brits get on in Spain and places.

: Well hope I enlightened you a bit, if you've got an other questions just fire away.

A bit? try a lot
It will take me take in the subtleties of your response. And a while for it to sink in. Gerry Adams spoke in Australia.

Most of it was history of things that have not happened in living memory and a lot of it was old news to me. This in no way explains why people are angry enough NOW to become Terrorists, unless you explain the ramifications of actions that happened so long ago. He didn't do that either. It was as though he were preaching to the converted.

There was one exception.
He taled a bit about Bobby Sands & the other hunger strikers, imprisonment without trial, in some cases without evidence, discraceful conditions of the cells. Prior to this I thought the Hunger strikers were all convicted killers and I thought they were just in a regular jail. I should have guessed this with the Prevention Of Terrorisim Act being used on Trade Unionists organising Industrial Action and watching "In the Name of the Father" but I just didn't twigg.

My mate described himself as an Orangeman. I'm convinced he does not want a bar of the killings and was at pains to point out that some of the Unionist groups are as violent as the IRA. As for meeting him, he is not on the net. But we could work something out if you are both keen. I'll ask him.

Thanks again,


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