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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on May 04, 1999 at 14:23:54:

In Reply to: Not when Capital owns the government posted by Deep Daddio Nine on May 01, 1999 at 00:47:18:

: DADDIO: Its not a contradiction at all. Why should capitalists want seperation of state and education (or state and anything) if they can CONTROL the state? The state runs the school and Big Business runs the state. Ultimately, the public school system primarily reflects greedy industrial interests (the super-rich) to the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual detriment of many (everybody else). This intent is in the original design, and this is the function it has served and continues to serve to this day. Consider its final product: Politically complacent clueless consumers all jacked up for a lifelong, impersonal, 9 to 5 pergatory that serves mostly to make someone they've never met fabulously rich.

You have just described the intent and wishes of statists. These are not the wishes of those who want individual liberty (& pvte property).

Also, do you really think that state schools would turn out deliberately badly educated 'masses' for the sake of having dumb malliable types around? I could well believe a statist-collectivist elite to desire that. Do you think a business orientated govt would look, in education, to hide things like the cause of the great depression (and wrongly paint govt as saviour), to mix in 19th century businesspeople with govt corrupt cronies (like the big four) and poison all, to teach all about environmentalism and altruism against rights to property and choice?

: Government run schools are a mandatory staple in a capitalist dominated society, especially in one where the capitalists are as amoral as the ones here (USA). The SMART capitalist knows that he can't just keep killing off his human resources - eventually he has to at least give them the illusion that THEY are in control. So, he has given them puppet rulership via HIS government over key institutions such as the school system.

The capitalist? A small group of 'illuminati' who can somehow influence all, a network of 100,000s of business owners? Who?

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