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Posted by: lark ( antiestablishmentarian/independent socialist, Ireland ) on May 05, 1999 at 14:39:11:

In Reply to: the problem with such speeches posted by Gee on April 30, 1999 at 17:15:49:

I've long suspected that there is no one more alike than people in opposition, it's been demonstrated to me before in a specifically NI context when I've seen orange households bedecked with pictures of King Willliam and the royal family and then have went to Green houses to see them bedecked with pictures of the Pope and Irish Martyrs, now I've always thought the case was the same here and it's a matter of perception.

Gee's posts sound great to the people of good will if we rephrase collectivist to capitalist and the posts of the socially disposed might sound good to the champions of anti-social beliefs if they rephased capitalist to collectivist.

If we could all see beyond ideology for a moment and acknowledge that we all want a situation of voluntary association and the abscense of coercion and acknowledge that every system we espose will contain a degree of what is undesirable, whether it is the "state" (that being either institutions as at present or in the guise of soviet, commune or syndicate) coercing in an overt manner or the "market" (whether that's the big evil corporates that negotiate with governments or the small "libertarian" trades of Gee mythology) coercing in a subtle manner. So having acknowledged this I think we could safely move toward the recognition of a system that would fufil the vision of voluntary association and non-coercion.

Well that's what I think anyway, it's only a minor thing to correct institutional probolems though, you'll get jerks under socialism, capitalism whatever and they'll need policed and corrected. Peoples behaviour, the most difficult to change, is the final change that will be required.

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