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The state in socialist literature and ideas

Posted by: Lark ( Independent Socialist, Ireland ) on May 05, 1999 at 16:11:05:

Right I've read lots about the state in anarchist literature, anarchism is a bit obsessed with it but does anyone have any idea of the socialist sources on this subject, I'm not being sectarian I know Anarchism is socialism too but I'm looking for a different slant.

I've read Marx on the Commune and other people describing the theory of the soviets (even if the practice went centralised and deadened the socialist ideal by making all institutes obey the army/party hierarchy it) and it's got me interested. I've also been reading the fabians on the state and I dont like their vision, it's a bit stale and stultifying, if not totalitarian, I couldnt live that happly under socialism that was all about a technocratic state, even it was consistant with rationalism.

Does anyone want to debate this at all, I know Red Wasp tried to spark the debate before from his tanky absolutist position to little success is anyone interested this time?

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