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Will Socialism EVER BE ALLOWED to work?

Posted by: V.K ( Student, UK ) on May 11, 1999 at 07:03:17:

I ask this question as a 16-year-old student who wonders if I will ever live in a socialist society, or am I doomed to spend the rest of my life in the un-fair, inhumane, ridiculous, imperialistic system that we call capitalism.
I look to examples in history that points out that the socialist cause has always been suppressed and stopped from working by the powers that be, that is big business. The first example I can think of is Russia in 1917, just after Lenin had led a successful revolution, the Americans and British (the White Army) were quick to invade in the name of democracy, yet they had no interest in democracy, but were trying to make sure that socialism was not allowed to work. They were unsuccessful in over-throwing the socialist Government, BUT fatally delayed Lenin's plans. The invasion led to Lenin reverting to War Communism that killed millions. Then when finally the Whites were defeated, they had left Russia in a mess. It also only left Lenin a couple of years left in charge before he died and Stalin came to power, which only gave one of the century's greatest socialists a couple of years in charge.
Not only were the British trying to stop Socialism in other countries, it is around this time that the British Secret Service (MI5) started its war on socialism. It made up stories about the Labour party having links with the Stalinist Government and wanting to impose Stalinist communism in Britain. The MI5 have constantly been bothering the Labour party through this century. Harold Wilson (Prime Minister in 1960's and 1970's) was constantly dogged by MI5 dirty tricks to try and make sure they lost elections. In 1970's Michael Foot (labour leader) was accused of being a secret Russian spy, a member of the KGB, a rumour which was successfully rebutted in court. It is still happening today, Tony Benn a prominent Socialist has been dogged by the secret service, to such an extent that his rubbish has been searched in methods to try and discredit him. The MI5 also carry files on many cabinet officials just in case they are socialists, oh that's ok then!!!
The Americans were even keener that socialism was not to succeed in their country, though they were not as subtle as the British. In the 1920's America, there was paranoia that 'lefties' and 'commies' would come over from Russia. Though this was quite absurd America decided to hold their first Red Scare that meant anyone who was anti-capitalist was communist and was deported. They also decided to hold show trials similar to those of Stalin. The classic example comes with Sacco and Vanzetti who were found guilty of bombing Wall St. though there was very little to suggest this, the only reason they were found guilty is because they had had links with socialist/ anarchist groups (what a crime in the most free county in the world!). America then to make sure that socialists never came to power in the 1950's decided that anyone with any left links at all was not allowed to serve in Government and denounced as a traitor. This 'political cleansing' was led by McCarthy and resembled the purges by Stalin. Socialists' reputations were ruined even further when America tried to blame Kennedy's assignation on socialists.
Britain and USA were not content in making sure that socialist theories were ruined and socialists reputations ruined in their country, they tried to impose their will on other countries. No this section could go on forever, so I'll confine to two examples. The first is Cuba, America was quite happy to sit idly while Batista was in power as he protected US business interests. Though as soon as Castro formed a socialist dictatorship, America exploded as it meant US business was ruined in Cuba. The second is Chile. Chile DEMOCRATICALLY elected a Marxist Government. Much to the annoyance of the USA, though they couldn't storm in like Vietnam in the name of democracy as Chile democratically elected its Socialist Government. So the US sponsored Right Wing Dictator Pinochet to seize power.
All these things, plus too many to mention lead to believe that people around the world will not allowed to have a socialist Government, and certainly the US and the UK will not a have socialist Government. This may seem negative, but unless us as people organise ourselves against the Government and are able to see through Media propaganda, we may be stuck with a capitalist Government. Though I think a day will come when we have a socialist Government. What does anyone think? Especially socialist please (VIVD@CWCOM.NET)

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