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Should I respond?

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on May 11, 1999 at 18:52:28:

In Reply to: Selfishness begets collectivist dictatorship posted by Deep Daddio Nine on May 11, 1999 at 07:03:50:

: DADDIO: Uh, excuse me? When did I call for such a thing.

Ok, I exagerated. Sorry!

Although in answering this I am making yet another post arent I?

: I believe I have accused the state AND private enterprise of being terrible malevolent forces.

Thats right, the state in bed with 'private' enterprise.

: Your domination of this room perfectly illustrates the problem with both: Private enterprise allows people to horde resources for their own private exploitation to the detriment of others whereupon "others" are forced to impose collective controls over those resources to ensure reasonable access to them thus creating a police state atmosphere.

So you do want controls? Either / or.
Incidently you can post as much as you want - and believe me, I do look over several pages of posts and enjoy the variety - but if I want to say something I will. The forum isnt a limited resource.

: Go ahead and hog all the space you want. I'm just saying I think it kind of sucks and I'll always wish I and others could get more of a word in edgewise.

Just post.

: And yes, if a limit of 10 posts per thread per day were set in here, it would have my support (and I'd be damned sad for having to support it).

10 posts per thread is alot more than the majority of posts garner, but yes you would be damned, because you would notice the upper limit barely being reached after a while as posters exit to other more lively forums.

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