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Posted by: Lark on May 11, 1999 at 19:02:40:

In Reply to: the undeclared 'leaders' of either faction posted by Lark on May 07, 1999 at 12:20:09:

: McSpotlight: Speaking personally, I view everyone's contribution as equally valid; even if Deathy and Gee are good at putting their respective cases across.

Oh indeed, I think they are all equally valid but constant referals to Kant etc. arent exactly stiring stuff for the passer by, in football factory, a more or less accurate portrayal of various working class people (including the mandatory football thugs), at one point some displays a hatred for the NF in that who'd be the first to be executed if the NF got into power: their workingclass hooligan support and then says it's enough to make you a Trot (the misconception that Trots are leaderless anti-statists aside) where it not for the "dodgy literature" etc. I've said about this before but nobody cares.

I mean I regard myself a socialist I dotn subscribe to any socialist magazines, state or libertarian or anarchist, and read nothing really more left wing than the Guardian.

McSpotlight: It's a tricky thing; the average Joe in the street is probably about as inclined to enjoy real "formal" debate as they are to breathe methane. Yet it is as valid a form of communication as any; beware of declaring anti-intellectual war. I think the best thing is to just ignore the posters whose style you don't like, if at all possible. And the post duplication will be sorted out in the new DR...

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