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the undeclared 'leaders' of either faction

Posted by: Lark ( Misery the all Party Socialists, Ireland ) on May 07, 1999 at 12:20:09:

In Reply to: Welcome to the Red Deathy and Gee room posted by Deep Daddio Nine on May 07, 1999 at 10:26:50:

Well something I've realised myself is how some people appear to be the undeclared "leaders" of either faction (broadly speaking) and Gee is the Capitalist "leader" and RD the socialist one.

It's mainly to do with the ability to posts millions of messages and being very well read in the areas of their choice, as though they are doing philosophy degrees and masters in political science.

I didnt used to care but then some people started to use their unofficial recognition to try and put the markers down for what socialism/Libertarianism etc. really is and therefore did nothing for the debate other than blacken their opponents names, with the easily impressed hoardes of slavish followers.

I'm only here because I'm not yet convinced it was intentional and I want people who think differently, who arent maybe keen on totalitarian ideology (that which rules every aspect of peoples lives and provides a reference point for every moral dilema etc.), to know that hey, they aint alone.

McSpotlight: Speaking personally, I view everyone's contribution as equally valid; even if Deathy and Gee are good at putting their respective cases across.

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