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I would be interested in seeing your conclusions

Posted by: rabblerouser ( independent socialist/anarchist, 3rd Rock from Sol ) on May 14, 1999 at 13:54:07:

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: The problem I'm encountering is that I'm coming across too much information for both styles of government and Im having trouble finding the information I need concerning these issues. I was wondering if anyone would be of any help aiding me in finding this information, because I've found myself -completely- lost. I'd appreciate it a lot, and feel free to e-mail me : )


I would be interested in seeing your conclusions concerning a hybrid between capitalism and communism.

If you mean combining the technogical advances of capitalism with the cooperative care promised in communism I would recommend researching "market socialism" (Though personally I don't envision "market socialism" as a preferable method of socio-economics).

Another avenue you may explore is John Rawls's "Theory of Social Justice,(?)" especially his concept of "the veil of ignorance."

I would also recommend the writings of Emma Goldman, Rosa Luxemborg, and Raya Dunayevskaya, to name a few feminist intellectuals with socialistic/anarchistic perspectives.

Hopefully I've given you at least some helpful information as I'm sure others will contribute to (and critique) the list I've selected.

Good luck - Rabblerouser

However, the problem I see with a "hybrid" of capitalism and communism (at least Stalinistic communism) is that both are coercive forms of government where an oligarchy determines policies with little say from the citizenry it claims to represent.

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