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propert is theft? nonsense!

Posted by: eeze ( mediocrities unite, uk ) on May 17, 1999 at 12:50:26:

If you have a glass of water I cant drink it, you have stolen my opportunity to drink it
- property is theft -
If you own a piece of land I cant farm it or live on it, youve stolen my opportunity to do this
- property is theft -

We all 'steal' property when we use something then? and we steal it from however many generations follow us!

finally, test this one.

Youve spent 10 years developing a remarkable life enhancing device (you didnt find it under a rock, you used yer head). Well mate ive got news for you, i dont care what effort it took its mine as much as yours, how dare you deny me my 'right' to share in this property I could never even figure out myself. Youve stolen my opportunity to use something that wouldnt have existed were it not for you, same goes for everything that exists which a person makes!

- property is theft -

- you thinking is theft from my own brain, whether i think or not - hand yer brain over buddy, the revolution is at hand

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