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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on May 17, 1999 at 15:17:11:

In Reply to: propert is theft? nonsense! posted by eeze on May 17, 1999 at 12:50:26:

: If you have a glass of water I cant drink it, you have stolen my opportunity to drink it
: - property is theft -

That owuld be true in a desert where water was scarce, denying people access to vitalk water suuplies is a form of theft- when people die in preventable famines, property is theft. A glass of water sounds ridiculous, but try it with a lake- by what right can you deny me access to the water in the lake?

: If you own a piece of land I cant farm it or live on it, youve stolen my opportunity to do this
: - property is theft -

Again, if you use your ownership of land to extort money out of me, to deny me my basic human needs (such as the structural necessity of homelessness for the housing market), then yes, it is theft.

: We all 'steal' property when we use something then? and we steal it from however many generations follow us!

No, we 'steal' whenever we deny someone the opportubnity to use something they need in order to make a profit.

: Youve spent 10 years developing a remarkable life enhancing device (you didnt find it under a rock, you used yer head). Well mate ive got news for you, i dont care what effort it took its mine as much as yours, how dare you deny me my 'right' to share in this property I could never even figure out myself. Youve stolen my opportunity to use something that wouldnt have existed were it not for you, same goes for everything that exists which a person makes!

If I discovered a cure for cancer, by what right could I withold its use to make a personal profit for myself- recognition and respct for creativity is due, but not the right to extort.

: - property is theft -

Exclusion is theft, denial is theft, enforced poverty is theft.

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