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Is this a private brawl or can anyone join the melee?

Posted by: Copenhagen on May 17, 1999 at 15:14:55:

In Reply to: choose 1 of 3 posted by Gee on May 17, 1999 at 12:49:17:

: This response went to the core issue, so i will answer it.

: : consider as a possibility that the possible fate of humankind could turn out to be like the fate of Easter Island

: No, I do not discount it. Believe it or not I used to be very much in favor of environmental controls for everything as a teenager until I started reading 'green' literature and other scientific literature on the matter. My skepticism regarding the 'green movement' is typified by the recent frog and salamander fiasco in America. An apparent case of pollution is leapt upon with zeal and used as a reason to call for more and more controls over individuals, regardless of the actual reason (parasite) which is then discounted. So the motivation is what I am skeptical about. Is it the environment thats the focus or is the environment being used as an excuse for powermongers?

Copenhagen...Gee, your argument that the green movement is merely a front for powermongers is hardly a an argument that leads to the complete rejection of the green movement.

It is i suspect true that there are certain members of the green party who use the legislature to further their own power goals, but this is hardly unique. As an edxample, one needs merely to look at the law that has grown up around corporations. These constructs have become endowed with all the rights of a human being (resulting in a mass of injustice against REAL people). The reason? legislators who were motivated by greed and self intererst.

As with any imposition of law, the rights of the affected parties must be balanced. However if anything it seems to me that the balance in general tips in favbour of corporate interests. How many forests are being logged, ecosystems destroyed, animals driven to extinction, pollution being churned out etc etc.

You talk about the infringement of rights by powermongers, but i ask you does not the company that destroys the beauty of the wilderness with an oil spill not infringe my rights; doesn't the company that pumps out toxic waste infringe my right; doesn't a person who destroys the wilderness and threatens the life of my progeny infringe MY rights?

Does this invasion of my rights not validate the enactment of laws to protect those rights?

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