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The Virtues of Capitalism.....?

Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( EFZ, MA, USA ) on May 21, 1999 at 12:00:32:

In Reply to: She Wasn't posted by Ludwig von Mises on May 20, 1999 at 01:29:59:

: : Why is Ayn Rand Crazy?

: : Is it genetic?
: : Is it the environment?
: : Was she determined by histroicsal development?
: : Was it too much lead paint?
: : Does anyone really know?

: She grew up under a communist regime.

News flash for the millionth time- Bolshvik Russia wasn't communist. It stopped being communist about the time they cracked down on the Soviets.

: Life sucked.

Maybe for the bourgeois exploiters. How good do you think life was for the working class Americans at the time? Especially if they happened to be black? Living in filthy conditions, going without adequate food or healthcare....

: She went to the US and saw that capitalism worked,

Capitalism worked......to bring us the Great Depression.
Capitalism worked.......to dispossess farmers, peasants, and indigenous peoples all across teh world.
Capitalism worked.....to create slums and incubate disease.
Capitalsim worked.....to deny food to the peasants who produced it, so that they could instead make coffee and cotton for teh international market.
Capitalism worked.....to bring tyranny and genocide to indonesia, Guatemala, Chile, the DR, Vietnam, ....need I go on?
Capitalism worked.....to throw working families, army veterans and immigarnts out of their houses.
Capiatslim worked.....to ensure that millions of children would die of diseases neglected by a medical estab;ishment taht couldn't make a profit fof tehir suffering.
Capitalism worked.....to ensure that medicine, legal defense, food, shelter, and political repesenattion depedn on your ability to pay the bucks.
Capitalism worked....to corrupt the government and legal system of America into an object of derision the world over.
Capitalsim worked.....to glorify violence and hedonism to teh point where we have predatory teenagers walking the streets and predatory adults strolling through teh Pentagon.
Capitalsim worked....to destroy everything that stood in its way, inclduing love, religion, faith, patriotism, and plenty else, as Marx said.

With such a track record., isit any wonder that most of teh wporld's population today is a bit skeptical about capitalism's blessings.

: even though the new deal was setting in. She liked capitalism and freedom

viz. the freedom to starve to death, teh feredom to get evicted, teh feredom to be homeless, the freedom to be unemployed, the freedom to sit in a back alley dying of some untreated disease, the freedom to watch your kids die of malnutrition, teh feredom to sell yourself and your children into a lifetime of slavery just to pay tomorrow'srent, teh freedom to be laughed at, derided, spit upon by a society that respects only the welthy and the predatory. Is that freedom?

:as opposed to communism along with poverty and government control. She wasn't crazy, she was right.

She was right in this one regard - people like herself will not thrive in a communsit society. When we have won people will have no use for cynicism and selfishness any more. Her day is over, our day is just beginning.

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