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What works and what doesn't

Posted by: borg on June 10, 1999 at 16:09:58:

In Reply to: maybe democracy doesnt work as well in the US as in, say the republic of Ireland posted by lark on June 09, 1999 at 18:46:30:

: : : Guns are shite man.

: And they're still Shite!

: : So then do you support laws against the free ownership of guns?

: : Do you support laws requiring turning them in to the state?

: To different questions here, by the way N.Ireland has far, far stricter laws on guns than your average nation but I reckon if I really wanted to I could get access to a heavy machine gun in a matter of days, in bandit country along the border highly powerful sniper rifles like the USMC use are hid in the ditches, you could be out walking and stumble across, them you better hope you dont, if the owners dont "disappear" the British armed forces might.

I understand the IRA used to get their *gear* from the KGB.

So much for gun laws, eh?

: Whoever is carrying the gun is a terrorist regardless of whether they are employed by the state, privately or otherwise. The difference for a lot of people in NI isnt who's got the guns but merely the uniform their wearing.

: : "That rifle on the wall of the laborer's cottage or working class flat is the
: : symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there!" - George
: : Orwell, 1940, in the democratic socialist weekly "Tribune," quoted in "Orwell:
: : The Authorized Biography," by Michael Shelden

: Fair enough, but I've never owned a rifle and I dont feel threatened, maybe democracy doesnt work as well in the US as in, say the republic of Ireland, and you have to be afraid of the state.

I'm always wary of the so-called minions of the state.
The state is a concept, just to set the record straight.
I've never feared the common criminal for long. He generally
*knows* he's wrong.

: : "Yes, I do." - Anne Pearston, of the Snowdrop campaign to ban guns in Britain, on the Jim Hawkins show, 5/17/96, when asked if she wanted to live in a slave state by Sean Gabb, editor of FREE LIFE, the journal of the Libertarian Alliance.

: That's interesting too, slave state?

You tell me.

: : --
: : McSpotlight: Borg; bear in mind that Lark has lived all his life in a country that has been engaged in civil war; guns are an everyday fact of life in Northern Ireland; as such, his opposition to guns is really not surprising...

I understand that.

: Thank you McSpotlight for your non-ideological understanding of the situation, even if revolutions require violent struggle as in Spain etc. the creating of Gun Culture to allow for such a struggle as these types clearly advocate creates a culture of premanent paranoia and struggle and soon or later facism emerges from it all and people wonder why....

And there's no facism in NI?

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