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Posted by: The capitalist Pig ( Freedom, USA ) on July 08, 1999 at 10:55:17:

In Reply to: Rate of profit. posted by Red Deathy on July 05, 1999 at 13:16:24:

: : I just spent some profits the other day. Hired someone and bought a computer. I need profits if i don't I go out of business. I'd say that is a legitimate need.

: 1million profits is a lot, when you spent 1 million to get it.
: But 1million sucks when you spent 10million to get it.

CP: Profit is what you have after expenses and taxes. what you are referring to is ROI return on investment. Since you marxist types steal business assets from their owners you initially have a high Return on investment since your initial outlay was for the bullets used to dissuade owners from resisting.

: Real *profit* is that which is not required for re-investment, which iss surplus, and which can be given out to shareholders.

CP:You are confused between costs and investment into the business.
In the example I gave you of my business the profits put back into the business was not required.

: : Also profits are symptom of a successful business. If you have no profits your business is not efficient. for example gov't. Can you name one efficient gov't run business?

: Why should I, have I ever advocated government run business? And its not a sign of efficiency, its a sign of fiscal prudence, a difference.

CP I am sorry I thought you were a member of the socailist party. However pleas explain how running a business inefficiently is a sign of fiscal prudence. No wonder socialism keeps failing.

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