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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on July 09, 1999 at 12:32:03:

In Reply to: YOur flawed definitions posted by The capitalist Pig on July 08, 1999 at 10:55:17:

: CP:You are confused between costs and investment into the business.
: In the example I gave you of my business the profits put back into the business was not required.

Whatever, the point is that the only real profits are the bits that go back to the owners, investment in growth or making more money is not itself the surplus excess.

: CP I am sorry I thought you were a member of the socailist party.

Yes, we are in favour of abolishing Government, Money, and teh Nation State.

:However pleas explain how running a business inefficiently is a sign of fiscal prudence. No wonder socialism keeps failing.

Simple- I own a lead plant, its cheaper for me to pollute the environment than it is for me to deal with my pollution, this I pollute the environment- fiscal prudence, grss inefficiency. I own some woodland, its cheaper for me to just cut all teh trees down and get a huge return on my investment, than for me to run it sustainably for many years. I run a bus firm, its cheaper for me to not bother running less profitable routes, hence I don't, which is innefficient for the people who live in outlying areas.


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