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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on July 08, 1999 at 14:14:35:

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: lets assume that this is true (so paving the entire country will cause it to fill with cars just like a major interstate at 8am? there is a limit).
Up to a point, it would, certainly there would be cars everywhere, but the limit would be current population and car ownership, but there would be no other theoretical limit on car use then, as there is now (road space as a factor in a decision to make a road journey...)

:who are you, me or Mr Bloke to decide what eachother should do? What kind of 'freedom' are they referring to above anyway - what is the standrd used?

Well, I would be the roads planner, doing the socially necessary job of ensuring the regular running of our roads, the freedom invovled here would be the freedom to complete your journey in as swift a time as possible.

: The early bird catches no more worms than one who gets up last huh? No point in doing anything but getting up last then.

Some people have to get up early to go to work, why should others head off to work well ahead of teh time needed to be there.

: incidently why exactly did it decrease average journey time? where is the report? sounds more like it would shave off extremes of journey time - was it a mean or median average?

1:Slowed down cars mean less stopping distances, consequently more cars can be fitted onto the same stretch of road.
2:Slower cars means fewer accidents, consequently less stopapges.
3:Slower cars going through a contolled system meant a smoother flow than eratic spurts, etc. which meant a lower time to travel.

No, I think it was a reduced mean, because the bulk of cars get stuck in traffic jams (and hence have their journey times increased), by keeping the flow constant, everyone *but the first few* has their journey time cut. And I doubt that first few are losing too much.

: There is, get up early until the bastards make it pointless. tee hee!

Hmmmm you're pre-programmed to resist aren't you... :)

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