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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on July 07, 1999 at 15:12:26:

In Reply to: Freedom of Choice. posted by Red Deathy on July 07, 1999 at 13:54:09:

: Basically, teh up-shot was, that the more choice was restricted for car trabvellors, the more reedom they ahd (i.e. not stuck in trafic jams). ANd since making more roads produces more trafic, elssoning the number of roads produced less traffic.

Sounds like the forerunner to sayings like 'freedom through service' etc

lets assume that this is true (so paving the entire country will cause it to fill with cars just like a major interstate at 8am? there is a limit). who are you, me or Mr Bloke to decide what eachother should do? What kind of 'freedom' are they referring to above anyway - what is the standrd used?

: The most interesting part was how by slowing traffic down i.e. through controls), you in fact *deacreased* the average journey time (i.e. increased people's speeds). now, whilst the earliest on the roads lose out (because they will have their journey time increased) it means that most other people can have a smooth flow of traffic, and thus a better quality of life.

The early bird catches no more worms than one who gets up last huh? No point in doing anything but getting up last then.

incidently why exactly did it decrease average journey time? where is the report? sounds more like it would shave off extremes of journey time - was it a mean or median average?

: In this, there is much wisdom.

There is, get up early until the bastards make it pointless. tee hee!

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