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Gee Willikers! Another bad haircut sporting a silly mustache!

Posted by: rabblerouser ( the person your fascist bearded mother warned you about ) on July 19, 1999 at 19:08:55:

In Reply to: Subject? Oh, nothing important, just high treason! posted by Edvard Villiams on July 13, 1999 at 18:09:37:

: Hey, commies who live in the States, do you realize that your conspiring to change the economic system is treason?

Not conspiring against a system that exploits and murders over a million a year is treason against humanity.

:The only legal way to change it is get elected to office and then try to do it. (Like Clintion has tried, but failed miserably at it...tee hee.)

Yes, but Nazi Germany was also a society full of legalities. Anyway would you consider the "Founding Fathers" to be traitors since they too conspired to change the economic system of the colonies, and rebelled against the ruling government?

:The FBI has files on more Americans than I can count...,

Yes, and certainly even higher! And I'll bet addition and subtraction also cause you great confusion.

:... and I think they would have cause to have quite a thick file on each of you commies. Might I remind you that high treason against the United States is punishable by death? Remember a couple people named "the Rosenburgs???" You've been warned.

Thank you for your concern. I return the favor by informing you that the fascist ideology you seem to love so much also usually developed eugenics programs to filter out intellectual heliumweights (you, for example).

But don't worry, judging by the lack of oxygen reaching your brain you'dd have nothing to lose by holding your breath. Anyway I'm sure you may find the cyanide to be quite a gas.

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