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A reply to someone who is either heartless or ignorant of the facts.

Posted by: Lark on July 21, 1999 at 17:14:31:

In Reply to: Aye, that's the rub for The Controllers posted by borg on July 19, 1999 at 19:47:04:

: How would you expect this Mega-govt to act?
: Better or even more effectively that individual govts?

I assume you can indicate where I have made proposals for such a mega-govt? Besides I believe a Mega-govt exists already only it is private as opposed to public and doesnt even have to govern with anyones consent.

: The wee nations have to work harder to build something of
: value. That's why they make such attractive offers.

Or maybe it's just that they have no environmental or labour laws and unscrupulous capitalists exploit this factor as a means of saving the costs involved in providing a safe and satisfactory work environment etc.

: Cyberspace will soon be the New Frontier when it comes
: to attracting untaxable capital.

I dont see why anyone should be thinking this is great, brilliant they dodge the taxman what difference does that make to me the taxman is probubly paying them off aswell.

: Then I would say the game's over.

Well if things cant be changed they can be destroyed.

: : People, citizens, individuals are the state and it's stupid therefore to talk about either "taking it over" or "tearing it down" or destroying it. It can change as peoples modes of thought, behaviour and social organisation are influenced through persuasion.

: This is essentially correct but I would reword it saying
: that most people's mind-set determines what it is they want
: and they now want the state because they can't imagine
: anything else or "none of the above" winning the
: election.

Rant against the state.

: Persuasion *is* the best course since the alternative
: is not appealing to you and I and I would hope most
: others. Revolution in the streets is such a messy thing
: and almost always counterproductive. Why should anyone want
: a "new and improved" icon of our slavery is out of my ken?

Well revolution and radical change arent going to happen when everyone is fairly satisfied with their lot either.

: : Reform and persuasion may take a long time but as I've said before capitalism, the new Rome, wasnt built in a day, if socialism is going to be permanent it is going to take a monumental amount of time.

: "Whatever" happens I think will take place sooner than anyone thinks.

: Unlikely that either of us will get our way concerning the specifics.

: Unlikely anyone else will either.

I assume this is the paranoid overtones of a mistrusting citizen who reckons the big evil governments are going to suspend democracy etc. set forth a new fuedalism, yesterdays news, yesterdays news, yesterdays news.

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