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Posted by: Dr. Cruel on July 22, 1999 at 12:00:29:

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Communists will not give up. They will never give up. They have no self-interested reason in doing so. We will have crime in society till doomsday, and these organized attempts at looting the economy are no exception. Indeed; as the economy prospers, success at skimming off some of the proceeds becomes far more lucrative. Supply and demand.

What to do? Be prepared to defend your society, in debate and by force of arms. No one really believes the Marxist dogma, least of all the Communists themselves.

Socialism is something else. Many of these folks are attempting to short-circuit the rule of money. My take on that is with comfortable living conditions comes reasonability. One is more likely to share a vast prosperity than a barely adequate subsistence. Thus, the means by which the socialist agenda might be accomplished? Of course - business development, technological improvements in production; in short, capitalism. The unknown ideal, as it were.

We are far from those uncertain times, when the efficacy of capitalism was seriously in doubt. At this point, it is simply a waiting game. But don't expect to convince a Communist of that. The remedy to their threats are simple as well - allow them their opinions, and be prepared to address an objective and just system of law toward any criminal attempts at 'furthering the cause'.

And although I do not believe that Mr. Gates earned EVERY penny of his more than abundant wealth (he has been something of a 'computer Communist' of late), I don't lose sleep over the fact that he owns many houses and cars, and I not a one. I am happy, I am (fairly) safe, and the gentleman has arranged for me to have acccess to an affordable computer, to correspond with all sorts of interesting people. I am content, and am prepared to risk substantial assets to ensure that his sort is allowed to enjoy their profits at leisure and in peace.

Call me a lackey. Call me a slave. Not being either, it only lowers my respect for such judgement.

"Doc" Cruel

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