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it was voted on?

Posted by: Gee ( si ) on July 22, 1999 at 12:05:02:

In Reply to: Not round 'ere lad. posted by Red Deathy on July 21, 1999 at 17:19:02:

: no, they don't share my ideas, but many many share values of solidarity, justioce and democracy.

That doesnt make people want to contribute to poeple they dont value.

: Correct, but it still means that they are working socially and co-operatively to that end, - the point is that if everyone is working for teh direct interests of their friends, then over-all, we have something called socialism.

Not any kind of egalitarianism though - more like a free market of people working for their goals to the express exclusion of others.

: Yes, a remote pot would frustrate them, but direct and immediate access to goods, and to the means of procuring goods, to satisfy the needs of their valued ones, is a different matter.

And thats how little families/friends groups get along, and why village pots dont. even in the family it isnt shared equally.

: No, because my twelve will want to look out for their otehr friends, and through negotiation, discussion, and cultural similarities, we cmome to an agreement- democracy demands full frank and free discussion.

And full frank and free disagreement, acting as I have described above.

: No, A will not want to see B disadvantaged, and will not care about C, unless they hate them badly. A will want to see the best for B, but need not be the sole agent for achieving that end.

Thus C does not get A or Bs productivity.

: Yes, they'll only select what they need to get, and give away only that which is needed elseplace (I wouldn't expect Teeside to export tatties, unless somewhere badly needed them). Its not trade. nor would it have to be so.

It is as you desribe it, exchange of value for value to mutual advantage by mutual consent.

: No, people will stop at satisfaction, at a cultural idea of what is neceessary, people don't want ever more just for the sake of it.

They want enough 'more' to ensure that people will desire a nicer oven over giving the same in bread to an unknown family in africa.

: No, teh man alone is the idea that each comes seperately, distinctly and uniquely into teh social world- i may not be able to 'know' your mind, but I know that it is not isolated, and it is not self-enclosed, nor 'unique', that it comes as part of a social consciousness.

It is excluded, exclusive from all other people - even a direct copy of your brain right now would be. there is no social consciousness, there is only individual consciousness.

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