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Here's the url for comparative UN data

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: : You're understating your case re: Cuba here. Having had many rounds debating with CANF loons at the NYTimes BB site, I can tell you there are quite a few points they don't wish to acknowledge:

: What's the address on that site? The anti-Cuban propaganda polluting this country's airwavces needs to be addressed. I salute you brother!

**Here's the url for comparative UN data at Infonation:


The only dodge I've ever come across when arguing Cuba's case at the NYTimes using statistical info is 1) Cuba can't compare with the US [Classic apples vs oranges / First World vs Third / World Superpower vs tiny, embargoed island nation / Why not compare them to Haiti and the Dominican Republic as two US surrogates that receive US aid and are $---holes? Also, it can compete i many demographics]. -and- 2) Yeah right, Cuba is so wonderful they are leaving on rafts for the US, etc... [See above: The Haitians also have such refugees. The difference being that due to the political influence of the CANF, a Cuban washing up on our shores gets automatic US citizenship... the Haitian gets a one way ticket back to Port Au Prince. Given the choice between a life of hardship and deprivation in a nation embargoed by the most powerful nation in the world and one in a First World nation, I'm surprised there aren't a whole lot more Cuban refugees. The solution? Lift the embargo and let Cuba find its own way politically, socially, culturally - without duress]

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