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The workers.

Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on August 09, 1999 at 01:05:25:

In Reply to: So who DOES create the wealth? posted by Jason on August 08, 1999 at 14:08:34:

: So who DOES create the wealth?

The workers- try taking a big pile of money, and leaving it in a field. Then, give the money to some workers- see whoich nets you a bigger profit.

:In the case of Union Carbide or most other public corporations, the owners are shareholders who do definitely do no have an interest in running the company.

So they deserve their profits how? Oh, on teh basis of owning property. How just.

: I'm pretty sure Exxon's intentions were to sell that oil for a profit, not to dump it off the coast of Alaska and kills hundreds of wildlife. Of course, a socialist somehow doesn't see it that way, and I'm not sure why.

We do see it that way, we also see, though, that in teh drive for profits, safety margins get cut, standards get lowered, and risks get taken. We also see that the Directors of such firms are almost never held to any sort of account.

:Same with the Bhopal accident. The government has done similar things, and we all know the government isn't worried about making profits!

Where? When? besides during war. And who is talking about the Government doing anything- I want to abolish government, myself.

: So how could a socialist/communist government help make problems like these better?

1:Socialism- safety standards would be paramount, as society would have no interest in cutting corners.
2:In the event of an accident, the co-op iof workers would have no interest in hindering aid or investigation into the accident.
3:Would be better able to assist the vitcims of such disaters.

:There would probably just be more accidents and more releases of radioactive airborne molecules on cities and towns, but the gov't would just keep it undercover.

Why do you say that, above and beyond sheer prejudice, and again, who is talking about government? Not me.

:Just need to look back to Bosnia to show how a gov't controlled media is certainly NOT in the best interest of the people!

Like the US is press is so free...

: Yes, capitalist firms are subject to the same laws... and what is your point here???

That Companies are not exempt from bureaucracy and all the problems certain fanatics fire off and charge governments with in an atempt to give yet more power to private companies.

:While excellent management at a corporation is keeping a tight ship (in most cases, but of course, there are exceptions), whoever is managing the government's operations couldn't give two flips if something isn't done right. The gov't doesn't have a gov't over it to press charges, or shareholders who could get upset.

Erm, it has voters...

: Don't you think corporate management would want to know what went wrong???

Yes, but would they tell us?

:They certainly don't want another big accident, because next thing you know your reputation is ruined and nobody wants anything to do with you or your company!

Precisely why they won't tell us exactly what went wrong.

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