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workers need managers

Posted by: Jason ( USA ) on August 18, 1999 at 00:29:41:

In Reply to: The workers. posted by Red Deathy on August 09, 1999 at 01:05:25:

: : So who DOES create the wealth?

: The workers- try taking a big pile of money, and leaving it in a field. Then, give the money to some workers- see whoich nets you a bigger profit.

Exactly! But those workers can't just create wealth by themselves... someone needs to organize them, manage the company, etc.

: :In the case of Union Carbide or most other public corporations, the owners are shareholders who do definitely do no have an interest in running the company.

: So they deserve their profits how? Oh, on teh basis of owning property. How just.

The shareholders deserve the profits because they risked their own capital in the first place. In some cases, the shareholders are large enough to take a personal interest in the running of the company, or if the company is privately owned, but public corporations are owned by millions of people. There are over 50 million shareholders in the United States who may not earn more than $50,000 a year at their job, but are creating far more wealth for their future by investing.

: We do see it that way, we also see, though, that in teh drive for profits, safety margins get cut, standards get lowered, and risks get taken. We also see that the Directors of such firms are almost never held to any sort of account.

If management is just downright STUPID, safety margins are cut! Intelligent management that looks at the long-term effect of things, knows that a quality company, trust, and reputation, and also success, do not come by cutting corners. Smart managers will make sure ALL safety precautions are met, or even exceeded. Customers know who they can trust, and trust yield far more profits than increasing margins another 1%. The fact that there is a profit motive makes manager MORE ACCOUNTABLE for how the company is operated. This means safety becomes more important, not less.

: Where? When? besides during war. And who is talking about the Government doing anything- I want to abolish government, myself.

Under socialism/Communism, the government OWNS EVERYTHING. That's why we're talking about the government. You want to abolish the government? Then why do you want more government to run every aspect of the peoples lives at the same time?

: : So how could a socialist/communist government help make problems like these better?

: 1:Socialism- safety standards would be paramount, as society would have no interest in cutting corners.
: 2:In the event of an accident, the co-op iof workers would have no interest in hindering aid or investigation into the accident.
: 3:Would be better able to assist the vitcims of such disaters.

You really think everybody out there is that concerned for society? Sorry to break it to ya, but this is Earth, halfway between heaven and hell, and humans have a reason to ask "what's in it for me?" We're not all selfish, but if there is no personal reward for all this labor, socialism/Communism can't work.

: :Just need to look back to Bosnia to show how a gov't controlled media is certainly NOT in the best interest of the people!

: Like the US is press is so free...

Sounds like a bit of jealousy here... sorry if you don't live in the US, and if you do, maybe you need to open your eyes and ears. US citizens can say or write whatever is on our minds, no matter how much it offends the government or the President! Our government doesn't try to brainwash us with propaganda like what happened with the government owned and operated media in Bosnia.

: :While excellent management at a corporation is keeping a tight ship (in most cases, but of course, there are exceptions), whoever is managing the government's operations couldn't give two flips if something isn't done right. The gov't doesn't have a gov't over it to press charges, or shareholders who could get upset.

: Erm, it has voters...

Yes, I'm sure you have every reason to criticize the way our political system works also.

: : Don't you think corporate management would want to know what went wrong???

: Yes, but would they tell us?

Neither will the government, so it's up to the press to find out... just like what the Washington Post recently did at the uranium enrichment plant here in Paducah, KY.

Smart management will come clean, but that is a difficult thing to do when you're the one responsible.


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