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I got it.

Posted by: Dr. Cruel on August 17, 1999 at 12:49:59:

In Reply to: What you'll get posted by Gee on August 10, 1999 at 15:15:59:

I'm just so very tired of it all. It never ends. First, theft was justified on the basis of class struggle. Then, in the 60's, it was justified on the basis of love. Now, it's justified on the basis of nature. Always, it's the same tired bag of goods, wrapped up in brand new rhetoric.

Always, the ideology is revolutionary. Peaceful co-existance is impossible, and even immoral, because "we" are exploiting "them", defacto. One is arbitrarily assigned to a set, then burdened with a proclaimed "debt", to be paid - or else. Argument is pointless against these "programs for change"; it is always important to let them have the chance to meet their inevitable, obvious, disasterous conclusion.

The contradictions are infinite. The people, in the name of freedom, must be enslaved to an educated radical elite; in the name of an honest love, any and all interpersonal relationships must be pontificated on by self-appointed "experts", frequently with the backing of law; in the name of prosperity and world survival, the means by which human survive and prosper must be hamstrung, so as to fit the agenda of said elites ... I just cut short what was to turn into yet another pointless exchange (this time, on energy percentages reflected from the Earth, and - of course - the insidious effects of industry on said process. I was presented with this new speculation of the day, and was tasked to 'disprove it').

I'd advise you, if you are inclined to keeping what you earn (if the concept itself isn't immoral, of course - "hoarding" and whatnot), you'd best be prepared to defend yourself. One's inalienable rights apparently aren't guaranteed. It seems that personal freedom in the modern era is an ongoing, eternally challenged process, rather than something obvious and generally accepted.

Good luck.

"Doc" Cruel

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