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The GST in OZ

Posted by: Midnight_Fire ( Australia ) on August 17, 1999 at 12:52:15:

What is the deal here? Yes, I know Australia is one of those places no-one ever talks about, but have you stopped to take a peak at what the govt is doing to us over here? Already we are one of the most over-taxed nations in the wold, and yet they're introducing a GST! Yes, of course this will bring down the income tax rates, but some of the stuff is just over the top.

As of July 1st (my birthday) 2000, there will be a 10% tax on all points of sale involving just about every saleable item and every service. This will include the garage sales and markets, where I can foresee the tax man/woman destroying Sunday culture.

And if you consider the amount of paper work involved, it's just ridiculous!!! Every item sold, in every store, excluding your hot chook (grilled chicken to you Yanks).

It's not like the nation needs it or anything, they just want more moeny to invest in their overseas investments, and make more money for themselves. Ever wonder why certain politicians retire after seven years, with a supr payout of 1.5 bil? Especially when they only put $70.00 a fortnight into the fund? It's because of their tax-avoiding investments offshore, and it doesn't take a genius or remotly inadequate mathamatician to figure out how they can pay of the foreign debt. But no. They had to introduce a GST, which WON'T stay at 10% for long.

Death to the govt.

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