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More on that GST

Posted by: Sierra ( australia ) on August 19, 1999 at 17:35:59:

These things will be exempt:

Heath insurance, prescriptions from the chemist & scheduled products, hospitals, nursing homes, most medical services and hospital care services.

Education, basic food (food for human consumption, other htan savory snacks, confecionery, ice cream goods, biscuits, and flavoured drinks, most soft drinks, and cordials, bakery products other than bread, prepared meals, takeaway foods, foods supplied by resteraunts. (BASICALLY EVERYTHING I EAT, BAR THE WATER I DRINK)

Charities (non-commercial) where the charity pays for goods and services, on behalf of the client, the charity would recieve a GST credit.

Wine tasting samples, but not the wine itself.

Long-term residents of caravan parks and boarding house have their accom GST exempt.

Disability services that comply with the Disability Services act of 1986, or similar sate/territory legislation.

So, what do you think?

(BTW i got my information from the recent newsletter Alex Somlyay put out in my area).

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